Planning a corporate event can be overwhelming as there is so much to pay attention to. Since food and services are an integral part of an event as well as a success mantra, you must hire the right corporate caterers in Pune to make your event praiseworthy. 

4 Insider tips to choose the right corporate catering company:

Tip#1 -  Know your headcount 

First thing first, before you begin your search for a catering company, prepare the guests’ list to get a realistic estimate of the party. It will help you to make a wiggle room both in planning and menu design.

Tip#2 -  Hire the caterers who listen 

You need to choose a catering company that pays attention to details that are required to make a large-scale event a big success and help you every step of the way.  They must take care of your every guest’s needs, especially high profile clients, board members, etc., who may be specific with their food choices, and strive to make your event pretty one of a kind. 

Tip#3 - Schedule a testing 

As the adage goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Therefore, you must ask your shortlisted caterers to provide you with a sample food tasting, no matter how tasteful their food looks in photographs. It will help you to check the quality and taste of the food as well as its presentation.

Tip#4 - Seek out reviews, check certificates 

While reviews give you the real inside of a caterers’ business, certificates and legitimate records help you to trust their business. Hence, check out reviews and ask for their legitimate records for a clearer understanding. 

Looking for caterers? 

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