Colours are beyond aesthetics. They speak louder while remaining silent and stand for mood, emotions, contexts, etc. They are an integral part of a home’s design process. Therefore, it is imperative to take experts’ suggestions before beginning the painting project. We have curated a list of some beautiful hues in this blog, suggested by the best painters in Gurgaon, that help you spruce your home’s aesthetics. 

Fresh Green - The pandemic has brought us closer to nature and influenced us to incorporate a hint of green indoors.  The idea has given birth to the popularity of green. Green has an element of nurturing. It makes a house look fresh, healthy, and peaceful. The colour will be much-in-demand in 2023 as well. 

Earthy Tones - The year 2020 was a tale of two sides. It Was a year when humans were looked at in their homes and animals ventured out. In nutshell, nature healed itself, and so should our homes. Therefore, earthy hues will rule the roost in 2022 keeping with the sentiment of sustainability.

Irish coffee for contentment - The year 2020 and 2021 has changed our outlook on life and value systems forever. It is reflected in our consumption patterns. The feeling of contentment has become the motto of many. That is why the colour of Irish coffee will be seen indoors in abundance this year.

Check out professional house painting charges in Gurgaon:  

Type of paintApproximate Cost (sq. ft.)
Acrylic paintsINR 15 - INR 20
Waterproof paintsINR 15 - INR 25
Latex paintsINR 15 - INR 25
Velvet paintINR 25 - INR 45
Texture paintINR 75 - INR 155

The Bottom Line 

Give your home the feel and love it desires; hire a professional house painter in Gurgaon through a reliable internet portal like ZoopGo.